Kawaii Box: December

Weeeee. It is here! The Kawaii Box for December arrived in the post today and it was very exciting to open. Filled with an assortment of cute items and a selection of Christmas goodies.


When opening the box, I was greeted by an adorable Christmas themed card and message on the back!

IMG_7883 IMG_7888

Unwrapping the cute pink paper I discovered my goodies and couldn’t wait to look at each of them!


A gingerbread card, with four little gingerbread man all strung together and with different expression. I could use this as a card for Christmas, but I just want to display it and look at it. Forever! :D


With the gingerbread card was an envelope that has the most adorable face. I thought this was just so cute!


A squishy donut charm. It is a lot of fun to poke and the icing on the top feels very real. I almost want to eat it. But it’s not real, so wouldn’t be a good idea… :P


My cat liked it too!


A heart shaped, multicolor notebook. It has pages with different colors and looks great.


A little bunny plush. He is very cute and cuddly and makes a great Christmas companion. :D


A pastel rainbow bag/pouch. I had seen one of these on Blippo and wanted one, so I am happy it was included in this box. :D ((Bunny plush also wanted to sneak into this shot too. xD))


A crown headband. I have a general fascination and love of anything with crows, so this was an awesome addition. :D


A Christmas stationery set! With two pencils and lots of cute erasers. The packaging is also very adorable. :D


Little stars to stick and glue to anything that needs a little shiny cuteness. They look so pretty!

IMG_7932 IMG_7932x2

Hello Kitty scissors. They are little scissors that would best be used for manicuring kind of things (nails) and not paper. Must remember this.


Adorable Christmas stickers! You can never have enough stickers and these are just soooo cute.


Lastly and for the noms, was so really cute cookies/biscuits. They had white chocolate on the outside and I think a hint of caramel. Mmmm *nomnomnom*



That was the Kawaii Box for December. I loved my items and can’t wait until next month to see what more cuteness awaits.

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  1. In all honesty, if it wasn’t winter where I’m at and I didn’t have tile floors on top of concrete, I’d probably be on the floor dying of utter bliss. It’s definitely difficult to decide which item is the cutest – I’m torn between the envelope and the card itself. It makes me want to subscribe to Kawaii Box so much. :)

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