Kawaii Box: February 2015

The Kawaii Box for February has many fun and cute items. Lets get into it!

The Kawaii Box for February has many cute items. My favourites are the Bear Cupcake Pencil, Bear Chopsticks and Sweet Pastel Cube Bracelet!


A lovely note was included that made me smile. :D



What was included you may ask? Lets go through it. :D

Panda Chopsticks! I think these are so adorable. While I personally think they are too cute to use (oops), I have them sitting in a mug with my pens.


Gift stickers. These are going to be perfect to stick to letters to friends!


Sweet Pastel Cube Bracelet. I think this bracelet is so lovely. Pastel colours are really lovely and I like the cube design.



Hello Kitty eraser!


Apollo Chocolate Charm. When I first saw this I wasn’t sure what it was. But since being able to look it up online, I now know!


Glitter Lollipop Hair Clip.


Bear Cupcake Pencil. This is just so much cute.



Diamond Travel Tag.


Red Panda Mini Plushie. This little friend sits on my desk to keep me company (along with a number of others…)


Universe Pencil Case.


Green Tea Kit Kat. This was a really weird flavour for me. I wouldn’t say I completely disliked it, but it might take some getting used to.


Kracie Nerunerunerune DIY Candy or the major fail. I kind of didn’t do this right. But I think it looked pretty pastel.. even though it wasn’t right.



And that concludes the items that I received in the February Kawaii Box. If you’re interested in finding our how you can get your own, head on over to the website.

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