Kawaii Box: January 2015

The first Kawaii Box for 2015 is here, and the January Kawaii Box was filled with adorable goodies that were a delight to discover!


I began by opening the box and was greeted by the familiar note card and lovely message on the back.


Once opened I caught a glimpse of all the pretty things inside. Slowly I took one item out at a time and viewed them each with love and care.



Lots of pretty things!

Inside the box was: Phone squishy, mirror charm, stickers, cute plushie, nail polish, hello kitty glasses, breacelet, coin purse, cute pen, vintage stamp (I love stamps!) and some snacks.



My two favorite items inside were the cute plushie and the hello kitty glasses. So I combine them together, hazzah!



If you want to get a Kawaii Box for yourself, head on over to kawaiibox.com for more information. Or, if you’re interested in specific items you can look on blippo.com :D

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  1. I’ve thought about getting a Kawaii Box! Everything they send always look so much fun, but with hours cut at work I have to figure out how to make side cash instead of spending more. haha.

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