Necklace Charms

Today I decided to make some charms for necklaces.


While they may not be perfect, they were still fun to make and will have fun wearing them. Over time, I hope that I can get better at painting them and getting details a lot more defined.


I made the charms with polymer (over bake) clay. I painted them with nail polish. I wish that I didn’t because they still have a strong smell, even if they look shiny. Next time I want to get some good paint, and a glaze that will make them pretty.

The unicorn is for my friend Claire.


The bat is also for my friend Claire.


While all the others I made for fun.








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  1. Oh, these are so cute! <3 I'm not sure which one I like the best…probably the doughnuts. Lately I'm totally obsessed with them – maybe because I'm not eating much junk food lately. :'( As for the painting part, try the glossy acrylic which I believe will work. I can't wait to see what other charms you can come up with.

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