Nerd Block Jnr Girls: April 2015

In April I received my Nerd Block Jnr Girls, that included the cute Doyle plush. Doyle is a monster and gets confused sometimes…


As soon as I opened my Nerd Block Jnr Girls, Doyle’s face greeted me and I couldn’t help but laugh. I know that is mean, and I apologised. He just looks so relaxed and at ease.


Doyle is a mini plush from Monster Factory and is an all round good friend. Even if you have to remind him things sometimes.

Also included in the box was a Hello Kitty charm that I liked.


I did receive some other items in the Nerd Block Jnr Girls April box, however Doyle and the charm where the only ones that I really liked. Because this has happened a few times, I am not sure if I will renew or not, when I could probably just buy three plush toys for the same price.

I was not paid or endorsed to make this review. This is my own honest opinion on the items that I received.

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  1. Don’t feel bad about almost laughing at Doyle – because honestly that’s the first thing that I did. He looks so confused and lost, and yet he doesn’t seem to care at all. Hello Kitty is always something awesome to receive! <3

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