Plush Of The Month Club (April 2015)

I joined the amazing Plush Of The Month Club subscription box from My Paper Crane artist Heidi Kenney and my first box was toothishly awesome!


The Plush Of The Month Club is such a cool subscription box with hand made items created by Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane. I really love that the items are handmade and you can see that everything has been put together with a lot of love and care.


Inside the box was two adorable tooth toys. Made from felt and sewn lovingly. One is a big happy tooth and the other a little smaller and sad because he is a little ill.


There was also a cute golden tooth charm, with a very happy face.


Included was some sweets, because most of us have a sweet tooth, I know I do!


The package itself was wrapped lovely. Because this was my first package, I also received my membership goodies!


Here we have the two plusies joining my desk team.


Grumpy Cat decided she wanted to be there as well…


This is my favorite subscription box, and if you can you should definitely sign up.

Signups are only open at certain times when a free position becomes available. You can visit the Plush Of The Month Club page, and enter your email to be notified when a position is open.

I was not paid or endorsed to make this review. This is my own honest opinion on the items that I received.

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  1. Oh, so cute! <3 I'm definitely going to have to start getting a box or two each month, but it's such a hard choice to pick when everything is so cute. :D

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